That’s A Good Question

Author: BarbaraJo Tripp Bowers
Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN 9781633421080

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About the book

God has been allegorized as the Hound of Heaven, tenaciously pursuing the souls of His beloved people. He follows one into the desert and He follows another into the heart of a large city. He follows one into a memorial garden and He pursues another onto a beach. He follows in the middle of the night, and He follows at dawn. Through storms, through drought, He is tender, but unrelenting. His probing questions confront, comfort, challenge, engage, enlist, and more. In this book, read, enjoy, and be challenged by the true stories around God’s questions. They are instructive for us as they spotlight the beautiful Hound of Heaven.


I love the book that you are about to read. I can honestly say that there is no book like this one, that studies the questions of God and applies them to your daily life. Come to this book with an open, humble, and willing heart, and if you do, you will see yourself and see your Lord in ways that will change you.
—Paul David Tripp: Pastor, Author, and Conference Speaker

For years to come this book will remain a resource for teaching, an encouragement in contemplation, and a beacon light of hope amid the dark tomes of new-age philosophies and non-biblical theologies. This book is suitable for quiet nights of private contemplation as well as a text for classroom Bible study.
—Bill Yonker: Senior Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church, East Dundee, Illinois

About the author

BarbaraJo Tripp Bowers has a B.A. in Bible from Columbia International University in South Carolina. For several years she taught piano, worship music, and English at a Bible College in India.  She now resides in Illinois with her husband, George, where she enjoys teaching piano, gardening, and especially being a grandmother.

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