The Little Book of Great Comfort for Grieving Christians

Author: J. Aaron White
Paperback, 112 pages
ISBN 9781633423022

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About the book

In our fallen world, grief is a painfully common experience. Times of loss and sorrow can leave the most stalwart saints breathless with agony. Hard times call for strong medicine. The promise-packed eighth chapter of Romans is a powerful antidote for spiritual depression. Grieving Christians of all ages will benefit from this accessible, winsome, pastoral, and compassionate journey through Paul’s wonderfully encouraging chapter.


This book comes from the pen of a great shepherd. J. Aaron White knows how to pastor people through difficulties, and he does it by continually pointing them to God’s Word. This book is centered on the heart of God and the power of the Spirit displayed through Romans 8, and it will be a tremendous source of comfort for grieving souls. I enthusiastically recommend this work.
—Kenneth E. Ortiz: Assistant Professor of Theology and History, Bethlehem College and Seminary, Minneapolis, MN

Romans 8 is gloriously assuring for those who are in Christ and have the Spirit and love the Triune God. We are free from condemnation, and we confidently expect that God will glorify us and that nothing can successfully be against us. In this book, Pastor Aaron White shows how Romans 8 is comforting particularly for Christians who are grieving.
—Andy Naselli: Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and New Testament, Bethlehem College and Seminary, Minneapolis, MN; pastor at The North Church

When we suffer, sometimes taking a small step of trust in one of God’s promises can be enough for one day, and J. Aaron White offers caring invitations to fix our tired eyes on Jesus. White reminds us that we are the Father’s children and that even when shadows fall, it’s impossible to be alone. His attention to Romans 8 aims for suffering Christians to not only survive, but even stand with hope in God’s promises in Christ.
—Josh Anderson: Biblical Counselor at Oasis Counseling, Minnetonka, MN

About the author

J. Aaron White has served in vocational ministry for over thirteen years as a worship director, associate pastor, and senior pastor. He married his high school sweetheart, Tanya, in 2004 and they have since been blessed with five children. Pastor White holds degrees in communication studies, systematic theology, practical theology, and apologetics.

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