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All books in our scratch & dent sale are in good condition, and are always perfectly readable. They have some small defect that prevents us from selling them as brand new, such as minor scuffing, or a slightly bent corner, or a price sticker on the back cover. Please note that no ebook download links are included with scratch & dent purchases.

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Shepherding a Child’s Heart

by Tedd Tripp

Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child’s heart into the paths of life.


Shepherding a Child’s Heart Parent’s Handbook

by Tedd Tripp

This companion book provides broader and deeper understanding of the content and application of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, with questions about the meaning and application of Scripture texts to the challenges of shepherding children.



Instructing a Child’s Heart

by Tedd Tripp & Margy Tripp

Instructing a Child’s Heart by Tedd and Margy Tripp provides a crucial foundation for the principles in Shepherding a Child’s Heart, teaching parents the importance of developing and shaping their children’s thinking.


Wise Words for Moms

by Ginger Hubbard

Wise Words for Moms is a calendar-sized chart, designed to aid you in using the Scriptures to drive out the foolishness that is “bound up in the heart of [your] child” (Proverbs 22:15). It is a tool for your personal research of the Bible for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training your children in righteousness.


Don’t Make Me Count to Three

by Ginger Hubbard

Do you find yourself threatening, repeating your instructions, or raising your voice in an attempt to get your children to obey? Ginger’s candid approach will help moms move beyond the frustrations of not knowing how to handle issues of disobedience and into a confident, well-balanced approach to raising their children.


Lost in the Middle

by Paul David Tripp

The Bible never discusses midlife, just like it never discusses teenagers. Yet the Bible is able to address any of life’s experiences because it was written by the One who made them all. You will face things in midlife that beat at the borders of your faith, but you do not have to be lost in the middle of your story.


Broken-Down House

by Paul David Tripp

Sin has ravaged the house that God created. This world sits slumped, disheveled, in pain, groaning for the restoration that can only be accomplished by the hands of the Builder.


Everyday Talk

by John A. Younts

Learn how to use ordinary conversations to show your kids the goodness and wisdom of God. With clear biblical teaching, John Younts illustrates how to lead your children into a greater awareness of the presence and glory of God.


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Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage

Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage

by John A. Younts

Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage is written for parents of teenagers and soon-to-be-teenagers, offering wisdom, guidance and application.


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Herein is Love: Genesis

by Nancy E. Ganz

Herein is Love is a series of Bible commentaries for parents to read to their children. They provide what children need most—solid truths to grow in. In these books, Nancy Ganz draws out the beautiful implications of the Old Testament narrative that are foundational for Christian faith.


Herein is Love: Exodus

by Nancy E. Ganz

The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God’s redemptive story. The Herein is Love series creatively focuses our attention on the events that bring this story to life, combining the richness of literature and the depth of a commentary.


Herein is Love: Deuteronomy

by Nancy E. Ganz

Israel would soon be marching into the Promised Land, but Moses would no longer be with them. Before his people advanced into enemy territory, Moses wanted to give them a secret weapon to ensure their victory. The secret to their success would be summarized in a single word: Obedience.



When Sinners Say “I Do”

by Dave Harvey

Marriage is the union of two people who arrive at the altar toting some surprisingly large luggage. Often it gets opened right there on the honeymoon, sometimes it waits for the week after. The Bible calls it sin and understanding its influence can make all the difference for a man and a woman who are building a life together.


When Sinners Say “I Do” — Spanish Edition

Cuando Pecadores Dicen “Acepto”

by Dave Harvey




A Proverbs Driven Life

by Anthony Selvaggio

A Proverbs Driven Life is about the wisdom God has given to us in the Book of Proverbs. By this wisdom we can learn how to live in light of what is really true about ourselves, one another, and this wonderful yet deeply flawed world.


Get Outta My Face: How To Reach Angry, Unmotivated Teens With Biblical Counsel

by Rick Horne

This book will teach you how to build a bridge to young adults on the basis of the ways in which their desires and actions reflect the image of God and the blessing of common grace.


Get Offa My Case: Godly Parenting of an Angry Teen

by Rick Horne

This book draws parents’ attention to their need to pursue and be satisfied with God’s glory, which in turn allows them to seek change in their teenager’s heart. It shows parents how to reestablish godly family leadership and helps them to find the joy of the Lord — even if their teen doesn’t change.

Loving the Church

by John Crotts

One of the most important relationships for all Christians is their involvement in God’s family. Loving the Church lays the vital foundation for applying his glorious plan to our own lives.


Christ Formed In You

by Brian G. Hedges

Christ Formed in You is a book about spiritual formation, the “grace-driven developmental process in which the soul grows in conformity to the image of Christ.”


Active Spirituality

by Brian G. Hedges

In Active Spirituality, Brian Hedges allows us to read someone else’s mail — a series of warm pastoral letters, written to a young Christian, about the paradox of grace and effort in the life of faith.


Christ All Sufficient: An Exposition of Colossians

by Brian G. Hedges

Paul’s letter to the Colossians is short, but it delivers a roundhouse kick to religion as it reveals the complete and inexhaustible sufficiency of Jesus Christ. Jesus really is everything we need!


Red Like Blood

by Joe Coffey & Bob Bevington

Grace is not flat or one-dimensional. It is a jewel with many facets and held up against the light grace is absolutely captivating. Joe and Bob have been captivated by the wonder and the power of grace. Red Like Blood is an attempt to hold that jewel in such a way that it catches the light and moves into your soul like a flood.

Get Wisdom!

by Ruth Younts

Get Wisdom by Ruth Younts is designed to be used with children from kindergarten through fourth grade, with twenty-three lessons on qualities of wisdom and godliness.


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Time for The Talk

by Steve Zollos

Time for The Talk provides a complete framework for discussing the key areas of manhood that every boy should learn from his father. Through “The Talk” you will open a channel of communication based on truth and love that will endure for life.


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Why Christmas?

by Barbara Reaoch

Why Christmas? is a helpful devotional with Scripture reading, memory verse, Christmas carol and questions to direct your child’s heart towards God. The readings, which begin on the first day of December, are Biblical, short, and effective.


Why Easter?

by Barbara Reaoch

This illustrated devotional contains 28 lessons—one for each day of the four weeks leading up to Easter—in a short, focused format designed to help parents show the Christ of Easter to their children.


Good Mood, Bad Mood

by Charles D. Hodges, M.D.

Depression and bipolar disorder are two of the most common diagnoses made in medicine today. Dr. Charles Hodges offers an explanation to help the reader see the importance of sadness and the help and hope that God gives us in His Word.


Guiltless Living

by Ginger Hubbard

Removing her “good Christian” mask, Ginger opens the dark chapters of her heart in order to share about the glorious grace of God toward repentant sinners.


A Hope Deferred

by J. Stephen Yuille

God has forever placed us in his family. He has forever made us his children.  A Hope Deferred probes the depths of this wonderful reality and intertwines these blessings with an account of one family’s journey to international adoption.



Noah: A Journal of Praise

by Nancy Ganz

This imaginative book takes a look at what Noah’s experience in the ark would have been like, helping us explore the many facets of God’s mercy to Noah, his family, and mankind.



God’s Great Plan

by Melissa Cutrera

God’s Great Plan uses simple, memorable rhymes to teach the story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption to young children.



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The Home Team

by Clint Archer

Using illustrations and analogies from the world of sports, The Home Team presents the Christian family as a team. He highlights the one-flesh union of husband and wife as the fundamental team for God’s design of society, the family, and marriage.



The Young Peacemaker Parent-Teacher Manual

by Corlette Sande

This illustrated curriculum is designed to help you teach your children or students to respond to conflict properly, rather than allowing it to escalate sinfully.


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