Sexual sin is of no consequence in America

Yesterday, April 29th, Jameis Winston was suspended from the FSU Baseball team because he allegedly shoplifted $32.72 worth of groceries from a Publix in Tallahassee, Florida. This is the same Jameis Winston who is the quarterback of the national champion FSU football team. This is the same man who freely admitted that he had consensual sex with another FSU student while two of his friends watched the encounter. 


Even though there are serious questions about how the investigation of this event was handled by authorities, Winston was found not to have committed a crime. Therefore, no suspension for the Heisman Trophy winner. Why? Because there is no stigma associated with what the Bible clearly calls sexual immorality. Apparently this act was not as significant as the $32.72 worth of missing groceries. Don’t misunderstand, his suspension is totally warranted.  I am just illustrating how little the ways of God mean to our culture. 


Also yesterday, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was just banned for life from the National Basketball Association as well as being fined 2.5 million dollars because of his atrocious racial comments. This action was taken even though the owner did not commit a crime.  I fully support the action taken by the NBA Commissioner. However, the owner was not fined or reprimanded for his sexual sins. He and his estranged wife are still married and he has a very public girlfriend. 


Professional sport is littered with men who have had multiple children with multiple women. If you want verification of this sordid mess just go to Google and look it up. There is a well-known and documented list of such men, some of whom are among sport’s biggest stars. Again, no fines, no suspensions.


Sport is not the only place where such disdain for sexual purity exists. It is part of our culture. Sexual purity now carries the stigma of dysfunction that used to be associated with sexual promiscuity.  


What is my point? 


Simply this – ignoring and promoting sexual sin is a sign of a decadent culture. It is a sign of a culture that believes it can mock God with impunity. This is the world your children will grow to inhabit. Warn your children of the danger of mocking God and of sexual immorality. Encourage them to love God and his ways even in the midst of a depraved culture. Even though our leaders in sport, entertainment, business, education and government ignore the rule God, assure your children that God is not ignoring them. Pray for repentance, preach the gospel, prepare for the response of the Lord of Heaven and Earth.


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