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The LifeLine Mini-books provide Bible-saturated, practical and accessible help, responding to the common problems encountered by people living in a fallen world.

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Help! Disability Pressures Our Marriage
by Ernie Baker


Help! He’s Struggling With Pornography
by Brian Croft


Help! I Can’t Forgive
by Jim Newcomer


Help! I Can’t Get Motivated
by Adam Embry


Help! I Can’t Handle All These Trials
by Joel James


Help! I Feel Ashamed
by Sue Nicewander


Help! I Get Panic Attacks
by Lucy Ann Moll


Help! I Have Breast Cancer
by Brenda Frields


Help! I Have Parkinson’s Disease
by Matt Mumma with with Richard B. Dewey, Jr. M.D.


Help! I Live With Chronic Pain
by Brad Brandt


Help! I Need a Church
by Jim Newheiser


Help! I Want to be a Loving Husband
by Daniel Stegeman


Help! I Want to Change
by Jim Newheiser


Help! I Want to Model Submission in Marriage
by Glenda Hotton


Help! I’m a Single Mom
by Carol Trahan


Help! I’m a Slave to Food
by Shannon Kay McCoy


Help! I’m Addicted
by Jim Berg


Help! I’m Anxious
by Philip De Courcy


Help! I’m Being Deployed
by Barrett Craig


Help! I’m Being Manipulated
by Brian Sayers


Help! I’m Confused About Dating
by Joel James


Help! I’m Depressed
by Carol Trahan


Help! I’m Drowning in Debt
by John Temple


Help! I’m In a Conflict
by Ernie Baker


Help! I’m In a Painful Marriage
by Carrie Foldberg


Help! I’m Living With Terminal Illness
by Reggie Weems


Help! I’m So Lonely
by Deborah Howard


Help! I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder
by Christine Chappell


Help! I’ve Been Traumatized by Combat
by Barrett Craig


Help! My Anger is Out of Control
by Jim Newheiser


Help! My Baby Died
by Reggie Weems


Help! My Child Has a Disability
by Dave & Nancy Deuel


Help! My Child Is Being Bullied
by Tim Keeter


Help! My Friend Has a Disability
by Dave Deuel


Help! My Friend is Suicidal
by Bruce Ray


Help! My Grandchild Has a Disability
by Dave Deuel


Help! My Kids Are Viewing Pornography
by Tim Challies


Help! My Loved One Had a Stroke
by Sue Nicewander Delaney


Help! My Parents Abused Me as a Kid
by Joshua Zeichik


Help! My Sibling Has a Disability
by Dave Deuel


Help! My Spouse Died
by Sue Nicewander Delaney


Help! My Spouse Has Been Unfaithful
by Mike Summers


Help! My Teen is Depressed
by Christine Chappell


Help! My Teen is Rebellious
by Dave & Judi Coats


Help! My Teen Struggles With Same-Sex Attractions
by Ben Marshall


Help! My Toddler Rules the House
by Paul & Karen Tautges


Help! Our Sex Life Is Troubled By Past Abuse
by Nate Brooks and Anna Mondal


Help! She’s Struggling With Pornography
by Rachel Coyle


Help! Someone I Love Died By Suicide
by Bruce Ray


Help! Someone I Love Has Alzheimer’s
by Deborah Howard & Judy Howe


Help! Someone I Love Has Been Abused
by Jim Newheiser


Help! Someone I Love Has Cancer
by Deborah Howard

Help! Someone I Love Is a Hoarder
by Todd M. Sorrell


Help! Someone I Love Suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury
by Stuart W. Scott

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