The altar of Planned Parenthood

One afternoon, many years ago, I was traveling in Germany. Alongside the road, just into the woods, a simple, beautiful church spire rose above the trees. It was a beautiful scene of an old country church in the land of Martin Luther. I took a picture to record the moment. I was getting ready to take another photo when it hit me. I had just come from touring the Dachau death camp from World War II. This idyllic scene of the church spire was less than a mile from this camp. I realized this peaceful scene was also present when thousands were being exterminated just a short distance away. I put away my camera.

I remember thinking how could people be so close to so much slaughter and remain silent. It took the occupation of invading armies to end the tyranny of the death camps.

These past few days this rural church spire again sprang to life in my mind. This image formed the backdrop as I read the accounts of the body parts of unborn babies being legally marketed and sold by Planned Parenthood. Like those seemingly unaware of the death camp horrors, we have become comfortable living with the ugliness of sin.

Sexual sin abounds on all fronts. Prayers to the God of the Bible are condemned; a moment of silence is preferred. Abortion continues. And even in death the bodies of these little ones are sold to the highest bidder. Only the light of the gospel and lives seasoned with salt can speak into the darkness of our depraved culture.

No legislation or change of elected leaders will end the reign of sin. We have too many pleasant church spires to look at for these outward changes to make a difference now. Only a change in the hearts of people will make the difference. Jesus says our mandate is be salt and light. No human court can rescue from the heart of darkness.

Parents, you must raise your children with an awareness of the importance of the gospel. Otherwise, you will lead your children into the snares of this world. You must tell your children about the wonders of God and horrors of humanism. The light of the gospel must no longer be hidden under baskets.

Idyllic scenes are illusions, mirages designed by Satan to deceive you and your children. Raise your children to join the battle. Let them know that there are well-spoken people preaching that the way to enjoy personal freedom is by engaging in sexual sin, aborting the product of that union and then selling those broken, unborn bodies, one part at at time.

The question is huge for the American church and her children. Will we worship at the altar of Planned Parenthood or at the foot of the cross? There is no in-between. Either Christ is loved or he is hated. If Christ is rejected, then any thing, any sin goes.

Don’t let your kids be blinded by illusions of a comfort-filled life with attractive images that mask death. Tell them about Jesus and the wonder of a clean heart.

Shepherd their hearts towards Christ!

Shepherding a Child's Heart

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