The False Gods of Independence

Instructing a Child's HeartThe book of Judges speaks of a people who once loved justice and truth, a people who loved God. But these people grew weary of the constraints of loving God and his truth. They devolved into being true to themselves.  They became focused on doing what was right in their own eyes. They did what they wanted and expected God to bless them anyway. 

America, too, has moved on from the Bible and its views of morality.  She now worships three modern substitutes for the living God of the Bible. These new “gods” have emerged to succeed and improve the supposed outdated structure of biblical Christianity. Here they are:

Public Opinion 

Public opinion has assumed the role of Scripture.  When politicians use phrases like “the will of the people” or “the American people’s values” they are typically referring to public opinion.  Even the terms right and wrong are used subjectively, as in people feel something is right or wrong for America. Right and wrong are seldom used in the absolute sense.  Sexual preference or practice has become a matter to be decided by public opinion and personal choice. Biblical standards are ignored or despised. God’s law has become hate speech.

The Media

The media, both corporate and social, has been substituted for the voice of the pastor.  The media now interprets and then instructs us about how to live our lives. Cable news, radio talk shows, and social media have become the public forum for discussing what is moral or not. Youtube has become the most powerful educational institution in our culture.  It is in the media where we see the value of doing what is right in one’s own eye’s proclaimed.

Personal Desires

Personal desires have replaced God as the ruler of our lives. So, the most important thing is if a person is a genuine and living life on one’s own terms. In other words, doing what is right according to what one’s desires long for.  An indicator of this replacement is an emphasis about what people feel or think about a particular issue. Personal desires have become so revered that they are empowered to determine a person’s gender simply because it feels right.

These substitutes are how our modern world determines what is moral and who is worthy of scorn or praise. Of course, these views shift quickly and are frequently influenced by the themes of the 24-hour news cycle. These are the influences that shape the world your children will inhabit. This will not change until the gospel is spread by the church. Teach your children to identify these replacements. Public opinion and social media trends are feeble substitutes for the authority of God and his word.

Talk regularly about the gospel and the authority of God with your kids. Pray that this next generation will grow up knowing God and the beauty of his truth. Talk about the wonder of God and your love for him when you rise up and when you lie down, when you are at home and wherever you go each day. Talk about truth on your social media platforms. Don’t settle for the substitute gods of a post-modern, post-God culture.

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