The Great Lie

Men, pornography is a lie. You think you are attracted to it because of sexual temptation. 

That is a lie of the enemy!

Yes, the lure is about sexual lust is real. But the attraction to pornography is also about the degradation and humiliation of women for your own lusts. Indulging in pornography promotes and aids human trafficking, slavery, physical abuse, emotional abuse, rape and, in some cases, death. In short, viewing of pornography is finding pleasure in the slavery and destruction of women. The enemy has deceived you into thinking that pornography is about fulfilling your sexual fantasies and lusts. The enemy is laughing all the way to hell as, literally, tens of millions of men and women believe his lie.

I urge you to do the unpleasant work of finding out for yourself how extensive and destructive pornography is. I could literally devote hundreds of paragraphs demonstrating the damage that is occurring.  But for now, here are just a few statistics to support the evil pornography is doing with regard to human trafficking:

  • By some estimates, 4.5 million people are trapped or forced into sexual exploitation globally. (International Labor Organization)
  • Sex trafficking is big business—it generates $99 billion annually, just from commercial sexual exploitation alone. (International Labor Organization)
  • In one survey, 63% of underage sex trafficking victims said they had been advertised or sold online. (Thorn)
  • According to anti-trafficking nonprofit, Rescue:Freedom, in 9 countries, 49% of sexually exploited women said that pornography was made of them while they were being sold for sex.

The same tactic that Satan used in the garden is at work with pornography. The enemy makes one think that he is just relieving his own stress and lust.  But the truth is that he is using the porn user’s desires to actively destroy the lives of women in a way that will also cost the user his own life.

Pornography, like cancer, is a dark subject and difficult to write about and talk about. However, We must not allow this challenge to allow pornography to continue to plague, pollute and devastate our teenagers as well to be a corrosive, destructive force in marriage.

Parents and pastors, talk about pornography with your children. 

  • Begin with age-age-appropriate discussions about modesty. 
  • Honor women and value them as people in your daily conversations.
  • Honor the marriage relationship as the only appropriate place for sexual activity.
  • Point out the horrific devastation the pornography brings to both the users and the actors.
  • Work with your church leaders to be prepare for and defend against the attack of pornography on your family, your church and your community.
  • Be actively involved in all of your children’s internet usage — this is huge!
  • Shepherd Press offers several resources on this topic — see below.

Be in constant, vigilant prayer for God’s mercy and wisdom to be a loving refuge and resource for your children. Pornography is the great lie of the enemy. The human and spiritual toll is destroying the fabric of modern life, both inside and outside of the church.

Expose the great lie of pornography for the evil that it is. May God bless you as you lead your children to wonder of Christ and his gospel!

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