The Lesson of Nice

Jesus tells us in Matthew 7 that regardless of whether one is rich or poor, wise or unwise, prepared or unprepared, young or old, the storms of life will come. These storms come in many forms. Last night the storm of terror swept over Nice, France. There is outrage, sadness and fear. Once again, the question is asked: “Why is this happening?”

The answer is that we live in a sin-cursed world. We are told we can be safe. Yet we are shocked to find out there is no safety. We believe we can protect ourselves. We believe that we are entitled to safety and peace. But we are being rudely awakened to the reality that these beliefs are a lie.

The truth is all assurances of safety on earth ended in the garden at the fall.

What is the enemy of safety? Is it things like trucks, IEDs, guns, bombs, knives? No, the enemy of safety is the human heart! Jeremiah describes the heart this way:

The heart is deceitful above all things
and beyond cure.
Who can understand it?

The deceit and wickedness of the human heart is beyond cure. Evil will find a way. There is a reason that Jesus did not call for the end of armies on earth. There is a reason the Apostle Paul praises those charged with law enforcement as God’s servants. There is a reason that Christ’s return is pictured as a great warrior riding a white war horse wielding the sword of justice. The wickedness of the human heart cannot be negotiated away. If one weapon is taken away, another will be found.

The human heart is beyond cure!

Pray for God’s protection and care. Pray for those charged with defending against the ugliness of evil. Pray for our leaders to stand against the scourge of evil that threatens the peaceful activities of everyday life. Pray for humility that recognizes safety is found only in God.

Nice reminds us of the human heart of darkness. There are times when life seems totally out of control! Crying out to God for protection is the only response that can be trusted. Don’t hide this great truth from your children. They need this assurance.

In the storm the disciples, cried out, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!”

I pray that this response will once again echo forth from the mouths of God’s people. No mortal force on this planet can stand against the evil of the human heart. But God is greater than any wicked plot and scheme of man.

God alone is the place of safety and refuge. May your heart be still before him. May our nation repent and cry out for the mercy of God, the Lord of heaven and earth!

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