The New Cosmos – an animated rant against God

Fox and National Geographic Channels have combined to create a remake of the old Carl Sagan TV series, “Cosmos.” This new series is anything but fair and balanced. The writers of the new Cosmos make it clear they believe there is no explanation, other than evolution and random chance, for the origins of life and the universe. They are certainly free to think that way. However, the new Cosmos is not just promoting a particular view of science. The show is actively targeting and mocking Christians and any belief other than theirs.

The first program specifically went after various Christian beliefs as well as going after the Catholic church with derogatory, condescending comments. The second show portrayed the tree of evolution as the tree of life. Again there were pointed statements about the evolutionary process being ruled by chance and openly mocking the idea of intelligent design. The narrator delighted in pointing out that some people were uncomfortable and had emotional reactions to the reality that we evolved from apes and that our DNA has much in common with trees. This was illustrated with DNA replicas. I guess they thought this was more effective than showing a grinning Carl Sagan hugging a tree in the old Cosmos. Again, I have no problem with Cosmos being allowed to say what they want in the public media. But, as Christians, we would be foolish to miss the pointedness and the arrogance of the attack. Nothing is allowable except random mutation of single cell organisms and evolution to account for life on earth. Fancy graphics and an improved space ship from the first Cosmos do not change what is real.

The choice is clear about how creation occurred. You can opt for random selection or the loving, providential Word of God in the person of Jesus Christ. The former makes morality and ethics just as random as the evolutionary process itself. There are no standards and there cannot be truth. There can only be the fluid and dynamic morality of random chance.

The latter view provides the basis for accountability and purpose in life. There is much at stake here for us and for our children. Observe carefully and be ready to respond to a lost world with the truth that God is the creator of all. We are all accountable to him who has determined the exact places where we will live and who provides us with our next breath. We must be bold, clear and gentle in proclaiming that God is not a figment of the imagination, but the Lord of all creation who spoke the universe into existence.

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