The Super Bowl: revealing the heart of our culture

Whether you watch the Super Bowl or not the game is important to you as a Christian parent. This annual spectacle tells you a great deal about the world your children will inhabit. Proverbs 7 shows a father looking out his window at the culture around him. This father used the view from his window to instruct his son about the dangers of life. The window of your television affords you the same opportunity and obligation. In addition to the game you can learn much about our culture from the commercials. These commercials cost 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot, and that does not include the production costs. The companies who sponsor these commercials spend a considerable amount of money and resources to attempt to learn what motivates people. It is safe to assume that these sponsors don’t see an America that is primarily motivated by a desire for holiness.

Literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested by sponsors of the Super Bowl to ask what America values. The answers they find shape the commercials you see. Why is this important? Because like the wise father in Proverbs 7, you can use the commercials to help you identify the temptations that confront you and your family. I John 2 carries a strong warning: do not love the world. The Super Bowl commercials provide a window to see what the world values. 

It is not enough to simply to say, “Don’t love the world.” Like the dad in Proverbs, your instruction must be targeted and specific. The enemy of your soul is doing his best to make the world attractive to your children. He wants them to love the world! You can learn a great deal about the motivations of our culture by thoughtfully observing the commercials in this game. Analyze them. The warnings of Proverbs are based in part on an informed knowledge of the dangers & temptations that make up life. The Super Bowl and its commercials reveal much about the heart of our culture and its treasure. You and your children are impacted by these things. 

If you don’t want to watch the game, ask some one who does to take note of the commercials so you take advantage of this opportunity. Some of this year’s commercials will tug at your heart in a good way, like the Budweiser Puppy Adoption commercial. But most will pull your heart in dangerous directions. But all of them will tell you something about the motivations of our culture. 

Watch the game if you want. But don’t miss this Proverbs 7 opportunity to look through the electronic window to see what temptations the enemy has in store for you and your family. 



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