Things are not as they appear to be.

Think about Saturday, the day after the crucifixion. This day was different. The trial, the crowds, the drama of Christ upon the cross was past. No one really knew what Sunday, the third day, would bring.

The disciples were overwhelmed. The twelve and those close to them had spent three years with the most powerful person in all of human history. Try as they might they could not anticipate his next move or deed. Now, his striking presence was gone. It appeared their hopes and dreams had evaporated before their eyes.

The Roman leaders were most likely relieved that this whole mess was behind them. But there was the Centurion who knew that a great wrong had been done. And, of course, there was Pilate, perhaps still washing his hands, still haunted by the face-to-face encounter with the Lord of the universe.

Next were the Jewish leaders. All of their planning and treachery that brought them success culminating in the death of Christ left them uneasy and filled with apprehension. They urged Pilate to seal the tomb and place a guard in front of the tomb to thwart any attempt to steal the body away. They had what they wanted but they knew something was not right.

Most likely, sleep did not come to many that Saturday night. They thought things were over, but somehow they knew it was not true. The unspoken question still hung heavily in the air. What would Sunday bring?

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