This Easter, what do your children think of Jesus?

When you consider consider the sacrifice of your Savior, consider also your children. How have you represented God to you children? 3,500 years ago Moses failed to represent God as the holy, unique Lord of all creation. He made God look ordinary to the Israelites. As parents we must represent Christ for the holy One that he truly is. 

He is God who has not treated us as our sins deserve.

He is God who is loving and compassionate when we are not.

He is God who gave his son so that we might live.

He is Jesus who lived as we lived and suffered torment and agony beyond what we could ever imagine.

He is Jesus who made us clean.

He is the Spirit who breathes life.

Do your children know this is your God and what he is like? Do your children hear you speak of mercy, forgiveness and love that this Jesus has shed upon you? May we show the triune God as he is this Easter week and all the weeks that follow.

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