Thought for the Lord’s Day

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.”

This Lord’s Day do you find comfort in David’s words? The Holy Spirit did not intend this statement to be a sentimental wall poster. His intention is that God’s people accept this statement at face value. If God is my Shepherd, I lack nothing!

Of course, our minds can immediately bolt to many things we think that we lack. But if we to do that, we lose sight of God’s reality. Life on earth is fragile and uncertain. We don’t know if we will live another hour or another half century. We lack nothing in terms of God’s care. The richest treasures of life here cannot begin to compare to the wonder of eternity in the magnificent dwelling place of God.

The psalmist words speak of reality as it really is. We are blessed by the loving care of the great Shepherd in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Embrace the truth that David declares with joy, peace, and awe.

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