Thought for the Lord’s Day

There is a difference between going to worship and worship.

God commands that he must be worshipped in all of life. God has also called us to set aside a particular time and place to gather with his people, your local body, to engage in corporate worship. The time of corporate worship can and should be one of beauty and awe spent in reverence to God’s great name. However, I believe the time of corporate worship can also be a time of spiritual danger. 

To make corporate worship a routine matter of rote participation is an affront to God (Isaiah 29:13). There is no more precious use of time than to spend it in the worship of God. And whether you realize it or not, standing before God in worship is a time when the intents and motives of your heart lie exposed before the Lord of heaven and earth and all of his heavenly hosts. As I said, this can be a time of danger. You can’t hide the thoughts of your heart from God!

Worship with a genuine spirit of humility before the great King!

One of my favorite theologians, Dale Ralph Davis, said this:

“There is a difference between having the truth and loving the truth; only the latter leads to obeying the truth.”

In a similar fashion I would add:

There is a difference between going to worship and genuine worship. Only the latter leads to humility and a changed life. 

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