Thought for the Lord’s Day

Psalm 72 proclaims that it is God alone who does wondrous things. If there is anything good and wonderful in this world, it comes from God and none other. The holiday season can obscure this truth in at least two ways. The first way is to attribute the gift of good things to someone other than God.  Even when you receive a wonderful gift from someone it is important to realize that the mercy of God is ultimately behind this blessing. For example, the bounty under the tree should not be seen as gifts from mythical characters.  Good fortune, fate, karma, or Santa all can masquerade as the reason for good things. If something is truly good, it comes from the hand of God. 

The second way is to think of the temptations of the world as good and wonderful.  This leads to idolatry. During the holiday season we are bombarded by the lure of earthly treasure. We are tempted to think that the possession of things can bring satisfaction and joy. This is a cruel lie that deceives us and our children. The beauty of knowing God is cast aside for the allure of things that will one day be discarded in the landfill. 

God alone does wonderful things. Don’t attribute his glory to another. Value the wonder of God above all things. Your most precious gifts are those that come from God. Live out this reality before your children and your God.

Shepherd Press