Thought for the Lord’s Day

No Gospel, No Peace

There is a common misunderstanding about the blessing of peace given by the angels at the birth of Christ. The blessing is not for all on earth, but for those with whom God is pleased.

“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14

These 17 words tell us much about the meaning of Christmas and why there can be no real peace without the rule of Christ in the hearts of men. For thousands of years since that dark day in the garden, war ruled in the human heart. The only hope of peace is changed hearts in the race of men. This was the blessing of the angels. Peace would come to those made new by the Baby born in Bethlehem.

People dwelling in darkness look for peace in all the wrong places. People are torn by injustice and loss of life. Peace seems to be an illusion. Our hope lies not in grand juries or pleas for calm. Our hope lies in the Baby who would grow to become a Man who would die and make peace possible again. Looking anywhere else for peace leads only to frustration, anger and violence. No Christ, No Peace.

Join the angels and make the message of peace your message this Christmas.

Joy to the world, the Savior reigns!

Shepherd Press