Update: The NFL, Domestic Violence, the Gospel and an impotent church

The headlines from the sports world have forced themselves into the national headlines. Men  are violently attacking women. Owners and players alike are using recreational drugs, performance enhancing drugs and engaging in sexually immoral behavior. The NFL has enacted new policies and punishment protocols. The NFL is heavily involved in educational programs to prevent these problems. Yet they persist.


There is one politically incorrect initiative that the NFL has not embraced. The league would receive harsh, scathing criticism if they chose to follow this strategy.  Yet, it is the only option available to the NFL, to colleges and other sports organizations that will bring genuine change to the hearts of those involved.


If the NFL were to urge its players and associates to accept the gospel or even to consider the gospel as one option to address these problems it would be met with outrage. Government agencies and elected officials would be filing law suits and calling for the severest form of disciplinary and criminal measures to be taken against the league for its stunning lack of tolerance. 


I can’t think of any better illustration to demonstrate how the Church of Jesus Christ has become irrelevant in our culture. We have failed to be salt and light. The gospel simply doesn’t matter in a land that is filled with churches, seminaries, Christian bookstores and tons of online resources.


This is the legacy we are leaving for our children.  I pray that we will have the courage to love God more than being well thought of by our culture. I pray we will speak the gospel of Christ into the darkness of our country. Will it be business as usual for you and your church this weekend? Will your prayers change? The very people that provide athletic prowess for our enjoyment are running headlong into the gates of hell. Millions of fans are running with them. May God help us to call them back.


Shepherd Press