Veteran’s Day – Keep us from Evil

“Keep us from evil.” It is a prayer that many pray by rote. But one way God answers this prayer is with the men and women who would offer their lives to keep us from evil. The photo above is a church in Germany, within sight of the concentration camp at Dachau. The peacefulness of this scene attempts to mask the demonic face of evil.  Whether it is with the evil within or with the enemies of freedom, fighting evil comes at a high price.  I took this photo driving away from Dachau. I was with two of my closest friends. We were stunned at the horror of what we had just seen: Man’s inhumanity to man!

This church looked out over the camp. From the angle of the photo, all seems calm, even idyllic. But the voices of human suffering cried out a different reality. 

In World War II, because of God’s faithfulness, hundreds of thousands answered the prayer to keep us from evil. People left the safety of home not knowing if they would return. Yes, fighting evil is that big of a thing.

Don’t be fooled by the deception and lure of peaceful settings when evil is present. The example of those willing to die to defeat evil is not just a patriotic gesture.  They knew that life in the presence and domination of evil is not life at all. 

I have deep gratitude for those who have in the past and now in the present are willing to leave to fight evil, not knowing if they will return. Thank you!

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