Watching God write history

Man’s paths are difficult paths, man’s times are troubled times. This is true. However, even in troubled times you and I have the inestimable privilege of seeing God write history. You see God has told us what he is about. The messy world that we see is not a mess to God. Things happen as he has planned. He knows each person whom he will save. Then he makes it all happen. Life on our planet unfolds as God has determined.  


One day our times will be recorded in history books. Wise men will read those pages and marvel that through all the chaos of human plans God was at work giving life to people and bringing honor to his name. 


Daniel was a young man who was taken from the land promised to him and his children for ever. The southern kingdom of Judah had devolved into a secular, degenerate mess that had long forgotten the law of God. She scorned the prophets God sent to call her back to the one true, living God. Daniel drew comfort that even in the chaotic sadness of exile his God was writing history!


Take comfort in these days. Live for God’s honor, for you do not know how your story will end.  Tell your children that they, like Daniel, are seeing God make history right before their eyes! How amazing is that!



“Praise the name of God forever and ever,

    for he has all wisdom and power.


He controls the course of world events;

    he removes kings and sets up other kings.

He gives wisdom to the wise

    and knowledge to the scholars.

Daniel 2:20-21

Shepherd Press