What About Orlando?

Evil is for real. It showed its ugly face this past weekend in Orlando. There are people who are committed to bring human suffering to those they see as enemies. As evidence unfolds that this mass shooting is connected to an orchestrated scheme of terrorist plots, a grim reality continues to emerge:

We are not safe.

The goal of the terrorist mind is to create fear in everyday life. It is one thing to fight an enemy on a battlefield. It is quite another to wonder if death is waiting at the mall or at a place of entertainment or at a sporting event. This is what terror is all about.

So where is safety found? Who offers protection? To answer this, take a brief look with me at a portion of Psalm 33.

“The Lord looks down from heaven
and sees the whole human race.
From his throne he observes
all who live on the earth.”

The first thing to consider is that God sees all that is happening here on earth. Nothing escapes his notice. He sees all of the human race from his throne. He is the ruler of our lives and of the universe.

“He made their hearts,
so he understands everything they do.”

Make no mistake. It is God who is our maker. He completely understands all of our actions as humans. He created man to serve him.

“The best-equipped army cannot save a king,
nor is great strength enough to save a warrior.
Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory—
for all its strength, it cannot save you.”

Safety is not found in human governments or in the office of Homeland Security. Seeking safety without seeking the honor of the God of heaven is a foolish and futile quest. Quite simply man cannot save himself from the evil of the human heart. Legislation, executive orders, attempts at solidarity, and even law enforcement and the military cannot provide safety and protection apart from the will and favor of God.

“But the Lord watches over those who fear him,
those who rely on his unfailing love.
He rescues them from death
and keeps them alive in times of famine.”

Safety is found in the fear of God. Protection comes from trusting the steadfast love of God. God alone can rescue from the evil of terrorism. Only when we seek refuge in him and honor his great name can there be hope. It is time for repentance. It is time to realize that we cannot save ourselves from the jihadist. It is not wise to mock God and then seek to save ourselves.

Countless numbers of our first responders do trust God as they carry out their mission to protect us. But it is not their job to challenge the hearts of people to turn to God. That job belongs to the church. We must proclaim that safety is found fearing and trusting God.

The Lord is the only place of safety from the terror that struck Orlando. Turn to him. Teach your children that God alone is our hope and protector.


Shepherd Press