What Is Your Story About?

Each day is another day for the history books. Some days are more spectacular than others. However, every day has its own special story. We ask ourselves, “What is that story about? What is my story about?”

Life is a mixture of blessings and hardships. Sometimes these can appear to be radically out of balance. But there is balance.

There is a unifying theme for all of human history! The story of human history is really the story of redemptive history. Either we are on a random journey, subject to the impersonal rule of random collisions of molecules or we are living out the great plan of the Great King to save a people for his honor and glory!

Life is about more than what our senses can absorb. There is an unseen dimension to history that is more real than what we can see. Paul says this about the unseen history:

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

All that you and I can see is temporary, transient. What we can see or sense will not endure. Recorded history is about what is seen. To the extent that temporary themes dominate history, to that degree, history becomes unbalanced and unsettling. This is true of world history and your personal history. If it is only for the temporary that we remember and live, life becomes a sea of uncertainty.

But there is a larger more important thread that holds human history together. It is the story of redemptive history. It is the story of how God’s son entered the plane of human history to make the unseen more important than the transient.

If what you and I see and feel becomes the dominant theme of our history we will be lost in the waves rolling over us. But the unseen history, the redemption secured by Christ, gives an anchor to the flowing tides of our emotions. The unseen history is a lifeline to the eternal. Redemptive history is the grand river that flows through our lives and leads to the living waters that Christ offers.

Don’t allow your story to be dominated by what is temporary. Rejoice that God will lead you to the living waters and green pastures prepared for you by his Son. Make your story about the redemptive history of Christ.

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