Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You have heard these words before, perhaps even from your own lips.  These words are not words of encouragement or optimism. They are said when we feel let down, betrayed, discouraged. The irony is that often these words really mean that something matters very much.

We continue to be surprised at being disappointed. People have this problem called sin. Sin comes from rebellion to God. At its root, rebellion starts with believing a lie. 

We believe we can be happy apart from dying to ourselves. 

We believe that the people we love will not hurt us. 

We believe that we deserve what we desire. 

We believe things will be better next time. 

We believe that we will not be disappointed again.

And then, when our beliefs turn into self-deception, we say it doesn’t matter.

The truth is that there is there is only one person who will never disappoint you, his name is Jesus.

The miscalculation of this age, of any age, is to look for hope without looking for God.  Sin begins with putting someone or something other than God at the center of our affections.  

To compound the issue, a culture rich with material things is a culture that breeds bitterness and disappointment. Why? Relationships become secondary to material possessions. When this happens relationships will always disappoint. Without the life-changing power of Christ and his gospel, life will disappoint. In the end, someone will say – it doesn’t matter.

For you, Christian, all things matter, because all that you do can to be done for the glory and honor of God.  People and things will not lead to happiness, but to disappointment. People, no matter how appealing they may be, will bring disappointment. Things, no matter how much they are desired cannot satisfy.

It is the gospel that matters. The gospel matters because it transforms your ability to distinguish between things of value and things that only pretend to offer value. It matters because it enables you to love others more than yourself, to be heal rather than to be hurt.

Whether for you or your children, disappointment comes when people fail or things don’t satisfy.  You have looked for hope in the wrong places.

The gospel matters. There is only one Person who will not disappoint you – his name is Jesus.

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