Why Is God Good?

God is good because of who he is.

He is not good because of the beauty of nature.
He is not good because of who is or is not the president.
He is not good because I am happy with my circumstances.
He is not good because I deserve it.
He is not good because I have good health.
He is not good because I live in apparent safety compared to others.
He is not good because it is a beautiful day.

God is good simply and profoundly because his own being and character defines goodness.  God is good even when our lives are torn by despair. God is good when a storm brings destruction. God is good when the doctor brings “bad news”. God is good in ravages of war. God is good when the car doesn’t start. God is good when your child’s favorite toy breaks.

God was good when his son hung on the cross for my sins.

The unshakeable truth that God is good is cornerstone of our lives. Whether our experience confirms it or not, God is good. This truth will orient your life to praise God for who he is, and not for what you want him to be. He alone is good. He alone is God.

Your hope is not tied to the condition your circumstances. Your hope is rooted in the eternal goodness of your God.

For the Lord is good.
His unfailing love continues forever,
and his faithfulness continues to each generation.
(Psalm 100:5)


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