Wisdom: It’s Not Natural

What does wisdom look like today? Here are some basics about biblical wisdom that will help in this search.

No one is born wise.
The first prerequisite for being wise is to come to saving relationship with Christ.
Wisdom comes from a diligent and relentless pursuit of wisdom.
Therefore, the pursuit of wisdom is not natural or easy.
Wisdom cannot be learned apart from the fear of God.
Biblical wisdom is unlike anything that can be achieved by human effort.
Your children will be dominated by worldly thought until they desire God’s wisdom.

The Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit describe what wisdom looks like. When these qualities are pursued as if it were buried treasure, out of a passionate love for Christ, wisdom begins to manifest itself. This, then, is where the focus of your child-rearing should be.

You must lead your children in the practical, daily pursuit of wisdom. The qualities listed in of the Beatitudes cannot be mimicked. They are what they are. The fruit of the Spirit cannot be produced without the genuine work of the Spirit. This is how you arrive at godly character. There is nothing that you do that will not be enhanced and made holy if wisdom is pursued.

Look regularly at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and the Spirit’s fruit in Galatians 5. Become familiar with them and apply them to the events of your family’s daily life. This will be a huge blessing to you and your children.

Consider how much you are consumed by the pursuit of wisdom. Do you hunger and thirst for God’s wisdom? Proverbs says that nothing we desire can compare with wisdom. Is that true for me, for you? If you eagerly and earnestly desire the qualities of the Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit you will come to love the unnatural beauty of God’s wisdom.

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