Wise Words for Summer

Summer for many families means being on the go. Whether it is to the store, to the beach or mountains, or on vacation, summertime is go time.  Being on the go provides special challenges in bringing God’s word clearly to bear in daily, active life. Two useful resources from Shepherd Press to assist busy parents on the go are Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman Hubbard and Get Wisdom! by Ruth Younts. Both of these valuable books are worth reading with your children to be ready to apply biblical truth to the busy days of summer. Select the appropriate applications of each resource tool to help you be ready for the particular challenges you and your and your children face.

By taking advantage of the app capabilities provided by the iPhone and iPad, Shepherd Press has developed an app for Wise Words for Moms. Now, the wisdom of this great resource is available no matter where you are. Because the Wise Words app resides on your iPhone or iPad, you don’t even need a signal to make it work. Simple tap on the behavior that you want to address biblically you immediately have access to the 4 categories of Wise Words to work through with your children!

A cool feature of the app is that you can add additional thoughts or bible verses on the fly.  You can even make a note to include a question or thought that one of your children might raise while you are out.

This app is a wonderful way to follow the directive of Deuteronomy 6:5-7 as you are on the go.

Here is a link to the iTunes app store to purchase the app.

Give it a try! Then leave a comment about how using the app was a blessing to you.

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