Work is not a curse by Paul Tripp

Many people have a distorted view of work.They think that work is a pain; or even more destructive, they think that work is a curse. The thinking goes this way; when Adam and Eve fell, part of their punishment was work. But that is a misunderstanding of the biblical story.  Adam and Eve were not punished with work; their punishment was that their work  would now be hard and toilsome.The fallen state of the world would make their work harder in a way it had never been before. 


Adam and Eve were designed for work, and they were commissioned by God to work before sin and death entered the world. As creatures made in God’s image, Adam and Eve were commissioned by God to use their wisdom, creativity, and strength to dress and maintain the garden where God had placed them. Their ability to work and their commission from God to work were expressions of the unique position in creation and their dignity as creatures made in his image.


What does this have to do with forever? Well, if God’s purpose in eternity is to restore all things that sin has broken, then work will be restored in eternity’s new heaven and new earth. Work is not so much a consequence of sin as it is an aspect of our humanity. Therefore, in eternity we will work forever. (Emphasis added.)


Excerpted from Paul’s book – Forever: Why you can’t live without it.

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