You Are Made for Gratitude 

Active SpiritualityGod made you a new creature in Christ.  He also designed you to be a creature fueled by thanksgiving. Only someone who comprehends the mercy of God extended in Christ the capacity to express thankfulness from an eternal perspective. Gratitude for someone who does not know Christ is limited to the here and now. Many are truly thankful for the immediate blessings of life. But the true healing joy of eternal gratitude is for those who know the love of Christ.

When you lack thanksgiving you are being contrary to the person God has made you to be. The things of this earth have become more important than the gift of eternity that has been given to you in Christ. Everyday life viewed without the perspective of eternity is discouraging and draining. But through the beautiful window of eternity, life because an adventure of faith fueled by gratitude.

From the visible signs of the rainbow to the communion table to the joy of knowing Jesus, we are graciously reminded of why gratitude should dominate our lives. God does indeed do all things well.

Therefore, enter into each day overwhelmed with thanksgiving. As Psalm 100 describes, it is what you were made for! Thus, the Holy Spirit graciously commands us:

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Here are some closing thoughts on gratitude:

Gratitude softens grief.

Gratitude is the fuel of joy.

Gratitude deepens your awareness of God.

Gratitude opens your eyes to grace.

Gratitude is the soul of worship.

In everything give thanks!

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