You can’t hide – but that’s a good thing!

Where can you go to escape from God?

Of course, you have to believe there is a God before you can worry about escaping from him. Too many politicians, professors, and media pundits have made God the moral equivalent of Santa Claus. He is nice to remember once in a while, but no one takes him seriously.

But God is for real. He is not to be ignored or taken lightly. This generation has turned away from God. How has that worked out? While people stumble over material wealth unimaginable just a few years ago, on each Black Friday crowds trample on folks lusting to have more. The thirst for stuff cannot be quenched.

Extra-marital sex, otherwise known as sin, is the new normal. God is either ignored or excoriated by our educators. It is considered backwards and even bigoted if God is believed to have been the Creator of life and the universe. Issues of women’s rights and children’s rights abound, yet soft pornography is blushingly welcomed and hard-core porn is tolerated. The amount to material wealth mentioned above is equaled only by the amount of debt used to accumulate things that will not satisfy.

It is politically incorrect to mention Christmas. However, everyone still wants peace and joy as if these things could be manufactured without Christ.

All of these societal failures lead to only one place, guilt. For all of our technological and pharmacological advances and our educational “sophistication” no one yet has figured out a way to deal with guilt. The guilt that inevitably comes from ignoring God and his commands about how to live.

Those of us who know the liberating power of the gospel, know there is only one way to deal with guilt. Believe in the work of Christ and seek him in repentance and faith. People who were taught there is no God now fear to seek him because of guilt.

This is the great opportunity that we have to bring Christ to people in need! Instead of running from God, which is impossible, the answer to run to him. No one can hide from him. For those who will turn to him, that is a very good thing!

Lead the way by letting others see you boldly running to the throne of grace.

Psalm 139:7
I can never escape from your Spirit!
I can never get away from your presence!

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