Your Last Christmas

What if you knew that this Christmas would be your last one on earth? Would it make a difference in how you celebrated, in the gifts that you give, and in the meaning of the day?

Obviously, the answer would be yes. But how would it play out in your life?

Of course, you can look at things from a statistical perspective and conclude that this will probably not be your last Christmas. But the truth is that the length of our lives is not determined by statistical probabilities. The number of your days are set by the will and plan of God. (Psalm 139:16) We live at God’s pleasure and purpose. Thus, it is not idle speculation to consider if this will be your last Christmas.

Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Christ. We are in good company when we do. The Holy Spirit directed the Psalmist to pen Psalm 98 in anticipation of Christ’s birth. The praise of the angels erupted across the sky when making the announcement of the Christ child to the shepherds. How much of your Christmas celebration is focused on the birth of your Savior? If this were your last Christmas how much of the real reason for this day would you want to share with others?  The blessing of knowing that Christ secured eternity for you would dominate your last Christmas with joy and gratitude.

What about the gifts you would give? The knowledge that this is your last Christmas would most likely shift the value of your gifts away from the material cost to the value of things eternal. In Luke 12 Christ urges that we value things that won’t wear out over things that do. So while it is good to give those gifts that we can touch, see and enjoy you will want to attach to them the significance that life is more than possessions and presents.

Power Perfected in WeaknessLights, decorations, presents and trees are wonderful. But, then you realize more pointedly than ever that this last Christmas means that instead of punishment and the pain of hell, you will know the blessing Christ. Christmas marks the day when Jesus Christ began his human life of perfection. For thirty-three years he withstood the temptations of the enemy. By his splendid and glorious triumph he lived the life that would become your righteousness and then he died the death that should have been yours.

No, you don’t know if this is your last Christmas. But it would be a wonderful gift to your family and to your Savior to live as if it was!


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