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Asking for the Best!

The word best is a commonly used word. But during Leap Year, best becomes even more common. Leap years occur every fourth year. In Leap Years since the beginning of the United States, we elect Presidents, all of our U.S. Representatives, one- third of our Senators, and countless other state and local officials. Since the advent of the modern Olympic Games, the Summer Olympics also occur during leap years. We hear the word best frequently! Who is the best candidate, the best swimmer, runner, jumper, skater, or the best ______?  So, in this election year, this Olympic year, how can you use the games to teach your children what is best in life? Only one person can win each Gold […]

Dr. Albert Mohler on Wise Words

Albert Mohler is one of the most respected theologians of our day. He is also keenly aware of the various culture attacks on the Christian family. Here is what Dr. Mohler has to say about Wise Words for Moms: “The Bible is very clear about the responsibility of parents to discipline their children, and to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Tragically, America now faces an epidemic of undisciplined children. In Wise Words for Moms Ginger Plowman offers assistance and guidance for Christian mothers seeking to raise godly children. Her advice is particularly helpful for mothers of young children. This is not a task for cowards. Wise Words for Moms will help mothers to bend young […]

Interview With Ginger Plowman Hubbard!

Recently, I was privileged to conduct an interview with Ginger Hubbard about Wise Words for Moms and the new iPhone, iPad app version. In the interview we discuss far more than just the app. Ginger talks practically and powerfully about applying the word of God to your life and the life of your children.    

Wise Words for Summer

Summer for many families means being on the go. Whether it is to the store, to the beach or mountains, or on vacation, summertime is go time.  Being on the go provides special challenges in bringing God’s word clearly to bear in daily, active life. Two useful resources from Shepherd Press to assist busy parents on the go are Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman Hubbard and Get Wisdom! by Ruth Younts. Both of these valuable books are worth reading with your children to be ready to apply biblical truth to the busy days of summer. Select the appropriate applications of each resource tool to help you be ready for the particular challenges you and your and your children […]

Interview with Dr. Charles Hodges

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Charles Hodges about his forthcoming book, Good Mood, Bad Mood. The book will be available from Shepherd Press. This is book is an informative and compassionate assessment of the many facets of mood,depression and sadness that tend to define modern life. Dr. Hodges looks at these issues from the heart of a physician and counselor. He wants to help. He wants to find answers. This interview will give you a glimpse of what he found as he considered these things. You can listen to the interview at the link below. The interview was broadcast on True Worldview Cafe which is sponsored by Shepherd Press.    

Penn State & Sandusky: What about God?

Almost every negative term imaginable has been used to describe first, the wanton rape of children by former PSU coach Sandusky and second, the equally egregious cover-up by the PSU coaches and administration. These terms all fit the crime and greedy self-interest by those involved. But there is one word that has not been used by the media to describe these events: sin.  First and foremost these heinous actions are wrong because they violate the law and rule of God.  They are sin. The problem for our culture with using the word sin to describe these actions is that sin implies that there is a God to whom we must be accountable. Even in the face of these outrageous events, […]

Maintaining A Biblical Focus in an Election Year

Presidential elections have a way of bringing an air of challenge and crisis to the political landscape. This year is no different. I recently talked with Dr. Sacha Walicord about how Christian families can have biblical hope in the midst of political turmoil. Dr. Walicord is a pastor, university professor, lawyer, economist, and perhaps most importantly, strong apologist for historic Christianity. He is also an Austrian who brings clarity in making sense of our current political situation.   [hr]