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Just heard from God

People often ask where is God. They want to see a sign that he exits. They question his power. The truth is that God shows himself and his power all the time. He demonstrates his power in awesome and terrible ways that tell us he is not to be trifled with.  Earlier this morning I heard once again the loud peals of thunder. Later, there was the sound of rushing wind. As I went outside on the front porch the wind was blowing sheets of rain parallel to the ground. The weather bureau said a tornado was passing just to the south. The wind was roaring. Then it began to swirl in different directions. And then everything was calm. The […]

“Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.”

The prophet Elisha spoke these words regarding a man with normal eyesight. He could see everything there was to see with human eyes. But, obviously, there was something important that his servant was missing. This is a lesson parents must remember. If your children believe that what is important is what they can see with their eyes then they will be severely hampered in life.  How much time do you spend talking with your kids about the importance of what they cannot see? What is unseen is of far more importance than what we can actually see. Do your children know that you believe that? Parent, it is your job to help your children understand that what is unseen is […]