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The Bible: your connection to eternity!

Scripture is your connection to the wonder of eternity. The Bible is the only source that you can trust about what is to come. The plan of the enemy is for you to think that your life on earth is all that is real. However, life on earth is meaningless if it is not connected to eternity.   The freedom of being liberated from the limitations of this life is the hope of eternity. What happens here is not all that there is. The day will  come when we are no longer bound by time. The day of eternity leaves the darkness of night behind. We will bask in the literal glory of God.    Night and time will be […]

Wisdom Practice

As a parent you are familiar with all kinds of practice. For example, there is piano practice, soccer practice, play practice, choir practice, target practice, etc. But what about wisdom practice? If your children are going to practice anything, it should be wisdom. In Proverbs 4:7 David tells this to his son, Solomon: The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. No, the first line of the verse is not a typo, even though it may sound awkward.  The idea is the first step in gaining wisdom to go for it, that is get wisdom! If you want to be wise, nothing else can matter. Proverbs teaches us that wisdom is a […]