The Bible: your connection to eternity!

Scripture is your connection to the wonder of eternity. The Bible is the only source that you can trust about what is to come. The plan of the enemy is for you to think that your life on earth is all that is real. However, life on earth is meaningless if it is not connected to eternity.


The freedom of being liberated from the limitations of this life is the hope of eternity. What happens here is not all that there is. The day will  come when we are no longer bound by time. The day of eternity leaves the darkness of night behind. We will bask in the literal glory of God. 


Night and time will be no more.


This is another reason why the Bible is more valuable than anything you can possess on earth. Hope comes in knowing that loving God’s word and following his directions points us towards the beauty of God’s reality. The reality of eternity exceeds the limits of our senses and our imagination.


God’s word, his laws, his testimony about himself are meant to transform us. When you think of Scripture does it bring joy to your heart? Does God’s truth pour out from your heart to light up your eyes so that others can see it? These are good things to pray for. Pray your children will see this light. in your eyes.  Join David in delighting in God’s word, your connection to eternity!


The precepts of the Lord are right,
    giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant,

    giving light to the eyes. 


Psalm 19

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