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From the Good Mood Bad Mood blog by Shepherd Press Author Dr. Charles Hodges

Over Medication: Sleeping ourselves to Death. Research this week has shown us once more that we can do lots of things with medication. We can calm shaky nerves,make the sleepless slumber, and banish chronic pain. We do these with medications such as Ativan, Ambien, and Hydrocodone and they do work. Unfortunately, we are finding that this does not come without cost. Click here to read the rest of the post.      

Youthful Lusts & Lying

Youthful lusts and lying go hand in hand. Teenagers are unlikely to tell their parents that they want to borrow the car to go to a party for drugs, drinking, sex or looking at porn. No, the story will more likely be along the lines of “… a couple of the guys want to go catch a movie and a pizza. And since Joe is going out of town a I’ll be later than normal, okay? Thanks Dad”! This is what happened with Amnon. He didn’t care about what God wanted. He didn’t care about his father. He only cared about what his father could provide for him—in this case the object of his lust, Tamar.  Notice that Amnon doesn’t […]

Lying to Get

The response of immediately trying to deny responsibility comes naturally to us and to our children. Children are fearful of the consequences of their sin and lie to avoid them. Christ must be shown as the one who can bring peace to a fearful heart. It is vital that this pattern be addressed quickly and thoroughly. If it is not, then the habit of lying will take root and become a means to other ends. The next progression in lying is to lie when there is something to be acquired. This type of lie can range from trying to make someone else look bad to scheming to obtain something that cannot be had in a way that pleases God. In […]