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Real Help for Real Problems

Shepherd Press is pleased to announce that eight books in the LifeLine mini-book series are now available for pre-order. They are Help! He’s Struggling with Pornography Help! Someone I Love Has Been Abused Help! My Toddler Rules the House Help! Someone I Love Has Cancer Help! I Want to Change Help! My Spouse Has Been Unfaithful Help! I Have Breast Cancer Help! My Teen Struggles with Same-Sex Attractions The LifeLine mini-books are small books that address the difficult topics that people face every day. They are relevant, easy to read and apply, and affordable. They are rich in biblical content and are gospel-centered.The LifeLine mini-books are a valuable resource for people seeking real help.

God calls you to be shepherds, not enforcers.

The deceitfulness of the world, the flesh, and the devil entices us to feel good about our anger. So when a child, a teenager, a spouse, or a friend crosses an arbitrary line we feel totally justified in letting them “have it.” We cover our sin by saying, “I know I shouldn’t be angry, but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.”    This sort of language and rationalization will receive a hearty Amen from the Satanic cheering section. We think we have been strong, when in fact we have taken the coward’s way out and capitulated.  We do what seems right at the moment.   Parents, God calls you to be shepherds, not enforcers. You may feel […]