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Our homes are the laboratory of life for our children

by Tedd & Margy Tripp Children need instruction to apply Scripture to issues of authority, obedience, conflict resolution, and God-given roles in relationships. Everyday life affords scores of opportunities to connect Scripture to life—from lost book-bags to broken friendships and poor test grades. Scores of training opportunities evaporate without notice as we hurry through our days thinking that devotional time with our children is enough. Our responses to the circumstances and crises of everyday life make our theology real. Bible stories glow with illustrations of children whose knowledge of Scripture translated into obedient, bold action. David’s words to Saul sound naïve and childish in the face of the Philistine army and the terrifying threats of Goliath, “Let no one lose […]


Children have the seemingly endless capacity to ask questions that begin with why. Actually, this is a good thing!   Why?   Because anytime a why question is asked you already know that God has something to do with the answer. Asking why means that you will have many opportunities to tell your children about the wonders of God.   For example, your child may ask, “Why do leaves change color in the fall?”    Even giving a technical answer can lead to good things. You can explain as the green chlorophyll is reduced in the leaves by the coming of cooler weather, the underlying color of the leaves is then on display. In other cases the brown leaves may […]