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Psalm 23 – a Psalm for the living

Life has many dark valleys.  The ebola threat looms more ominous each day. ISIS, our borders, financial uncertainty, gender confusion, blatant disregard for God, all of these concerns are the fuel for the 24/7 news cycle. But none of these have caught God by surprise. His son rules with wisdom, power and grace.  The Holy Spirit inspired David to pen the 23rd Psalm for everyday life. This psalm speaks of reality as God sees it.  We truly have no need of worry. In the presences of all of our enemies our God has spread before us a table filled with his merciful and gracious provision.  The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.     He makes me lie down in green […]

An interview with Clint Archer, author of The Home Team

Shepherd Press: What motivated you to write the book? Clint Archer: I dropped into the deep end of ministry while still quite wet behind the ears, at age twenty-nine. I had no kids and had never counseled anyone whose marriage was longer than my own (four years at the time). Suddenly people who had been married for decades and had teenagers in the home were knocking on my door for marriage and parenting advice. Thankfully I had been trained that the Bible is sufficient for all things pertaining to life and godliness and I realized these folks weren’t really interested in my advice anyway; they wanted God’s wisdom. So, I quickly learned to rely entirely on the word of God […]