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Jesus Christ – what confidence is all about!

You and I struggle with confidence. Sometimes, we are too confident, even arrogant. Other times we are weak and doubt. Praise God that your savior is supremely confident. His confidence flows from his humility. Jesus is confident that he can always trust his Father. God the Father has given his son his sheep. No one can take them away. Jesus is confident in his Father, we can be confident in him. Humility means that I trust God more than I do myself. So my confidence, your confidence rests in the commitment of God to his people. That is a blessing that leads to peaceful sleep! The most important issues of your life are secured by Christ for you for eternity! […]

Active Spirituality Letter 4 – “Walking in the Spirit”

Study Questions by Dr. Tedd Tripp Active Spirituality by Brian Hedges will serve to give you solid footing regarding many of today’s questions about what it means to have an active faith. The blog is featuring Active Spirituality during the month of March. Today’s questions are taken from Letter 4 of Active Spirituality. This material is rich and multifaceted. This is why Tedd acknowledges that there may be varying answers to several of these important questions. Why is the Apostle Paul’s emphasis on walking in the Spirit so important? It is only by the Holy Spirit that we will be empowered to obey God. Why is it not enough to say, “Walk in the law of God.”? We will not […]