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Some Challenging Questions

Some challenging questions: What do you eagerly desire? Do you desire, above all else, to acquire God’s wisdom, so that you will clearly see the path of obedience set before you? Does living for the glory and honor God consume you? When you see that following Christ will be result in difficulty and pain, do you still desire identification with Christ above all else? What do your children believe that you eagerly desire above all else? On a Thursday evening, some 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ had come to the end of his time on earth. After 33 years of perfect obedience, doing all that his Father had given him to do, eighteen hours of crushing temptation and agony yet […]

Peace is not the absence of conflict

We live in a world looking for peace. Whether it is in the play room or at the negotiating table peace is often defined as the absence of conflict. So, terms are sought to minimize or eliminate conflict. But this is a futile pursuit. A mom knows that discord and self-service rules young hearts. The sad reality is that diplomats attempting to negotiate peace treaties ignore this most basic truth. People are born at war with God and with each other (Ephesians 2:1-3). Thus, the goal for achieving peace cannot be the absence of conflict. Rather, for Christians, our goal must be to know Christ in the middle of the conflict. The Bible teaches that we are to return good […]

The Lesson of Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem to cheering crowds. Five days later the crowds screamed for his crucifixion. When Christ met the expectations of the crowd, he was their king. When he did not, they shouted for his death! The lesson is clear if you have the courage to see. You cannot understand the purposes of God by listening to the praises of men, no matter how impressive or lavish that praise may be. Man’s praise is fickle and it affections can change in a heartbeat. Learn the lesson of Palm Sunday. Do not be overcome by the praise of people. Matthew 21:6-9 The disciples went and did as Jesus had instructed them. They brought the donkey and the colt and […]

Lying to God

Parents, if you put up with a grumbling, complaining spirit as the price for your children following your directions, you open the door to lying to God. God desires obedience from the heart, not the outward form of ritual sacrifice. (Amos 5:21-23; Isaiah 29:13) So, the mindset that says, “At least he took the garbage out, even though he moaned and groaned about it,” totally misses the point of loving God. This child is not being shepherded. Rather he is being encouraged to believe that God can be misled by mere outward compliance to his commands. We see a similar scenario in the story of Ananias and Sapphire: “Now a man named Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, also sold […]

Lying, the next level

The next progression in lying is to lie when there is something to be acquired. This type of lie can range from trying to make someone else look bad to scheming to obtain something that cannot be had in a way that pleases God. In both situations the reason for the lie is the same—self-centeredness. But in this second type of lie, the reason for the lie moves beyond mere self-protection to the point of lying to achieve personal desires, even if it means hurting others. So, you see the progression. This is not simply lying to avoid punishment. This type of lying bears a close connection with the ways of darkness (Eph. 2:1-3). This lie represents a scheming, crafty […]

Why your child lies

When children lie parents sometimes tend to treat the problem as one of logic and intelligence; they puzzle over why their children would lie. Scripture solves the mystery. Humans are born liars. When we sin, we lose the ability to be logical. We are blinded by self-interest (Proverbs 4:19; Psalm 58:3). Lying is the extension of a self-centered nature. Children tend to lie in two types of circumstances. First, they lie when they fear a consequence so much they will do anything to avoid it, e.g., punishment for hitting. Second, children tend to lie when there is something they desire, and they see lying as the best way to get it. In both situations the reason for the lie is […]

Living for what is certain

Paul taught in I Timothy 6 that wealth is uncertain. As a matter of fact, wealth is so uncertain and unstable that it cannot provide hope. Contemplate this biblical reality – wealth is incapable of providing hope because it is uncertain. Wow! This is a thought that is contrary to our world. The airways are flooded with commercials extolling the virtues of financial security. People believe their hope for a secure tomorrow is tied to wealth, however little or great that wealth may be. Financial markets are adult things. But worry about possessions in not the exclusive territory of adults. Children are concerned about possessions early in the game. Give one young child a matchbox car and then give his […]

Is there an ordinary day?

Each day that a Christian spends on earth is anything but ordinary. Each day is an opportunity to participate in loving and worshiping your God. Paul, says we are to do everything for God’s glory. Those words can either be viewed as nice talk or as an extraordinary opportunity to make your life count each day. Paul was consumed with the wonder of Christ. It is what marked him as a child of God. There are many facets to living the Christian life. But the one that is perhaps most important is to be in awe of your God. Your children, your spouse, those whom you come into contact with must see that God is the reason you breathe. Sound […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day

The Lord is good. You and I know that the Lord is good. The challenge is to act consistently with this great truth. There are many obstacles which seek to blind us from this reality. But if we are people of faith, then we must let the Holy Spirit determine how we to view God. He is worthy of your praise and your thanksgiving. Nothing can ever change that. Our life and struggles will pass, but the unfailing love of God continues forever! Give this vision of reality as a precious gift to your children! Psalm 100 Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth! Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy. Acknowledge that the […]

“My deepest concern is that you are just like me,”

by Tedd Tripp I have had numerous conversations with young parents who expressed the fear of raising young hypocrites. They fear that since they have taught their children appropriate behavior, they will rear well-behaved children who do not sense their need for grace… Hypocrisy is greatest in homes where the emphasis has been on behavior rather than the heart. If the focus of discipline and correction is on ways the behavior has strayed and on how behavior must change, you will miss the heart. That approach makes the problem what I do, rather than what I am. According to the Bible, the problem we have is too profound to be corrected externally. The root problem is not the wrong that […]