Active Spirituality Letter 4 – “Walking in the Spirit”

Active SpiritualityStudy Questions by Dr. Tedd Tripp

Active Spirituality by Brian Hedges will serve to give you solid footing regarding many of today’s questions about what it means to have an active faith. The blog is featuring Active Spirituality during the month of March.

Today’s questions are taken from Letter 4 of Active Spirituality. This material is rich and multifaceted. This is why Tedd acknowledges that there may be varying answers to several of these important questions.

Why is the Apostle Paul’s emphasis on walking in the Spirit so important?
It is only by the Holy Spirit that we will be empowered to obey God.

Why is it not enough to say, “Walk in the law of God.”?
We will not be able to walk in the law of God without the enablement of the Holy Spirit.

What are the limitations of the Law of God?
Answers may vary: The effect of the law on sinful people is not to restrain sin, much less to cure it. The law portrays holiness for us; it cannot make us holy. The law shows us what sin looks like, but it cannot cleanse our hearts from sin.

Spurgeon said that a mirror is a great tool for seeing that your face is dirty, but it is not a very good tool for washing your face.

What is the meaning of this statement? We do not walk in the old way of the letter, but in the new way of the Spirit.
Answers may vary: It is only by the power of the H/S that we can obey. The old way give us the end (obedience) but not the means (power). The Holy Spirit gives us both the end and the means to that end.

We are not under law, but under grace is a frequently misunderstood statement from Romans 6. What are some of the wrong understandings?
Answers may vary: In light of grace and forgiveness, I don’t have to worry about obeying the law of God. Because God has given me grace I am not under obligation to obey the law.

What does it really mean?
Answers may vary: It means that there is power in grace to overcome sin’s domination. Grace gives power we would not have simply through the law.


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