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You can’t hide – but that’s a good thing!

Where can you go to escape from God? Of course, you have to believe there is a God before you can worry about escaping from him. Too many politicians, professors, and media pundits have made God the moral equivalent of Santa Claus. He is nice to remember once in a while, but no one takes him seriously. But God is for real. He is not to be ignored or taken lightly. This generation has turned away from God. How has that worked out? While people stumble over material wealth unimaginable just a few years ago, on each Black Friday crowds trample on folks lusting to have more. The thirst for stuff cannot be quenched. Extra-marital sex, otherwise known as sin, […]

The Prince of Peace has come!

Christmas marks the beginning of the end. The end of: War, Greed, Selfishness, Bigotry, Racism, Oppression, Immorality, Secularism, Corrupt leaders, Abuse, Addiction, Anger, Despair, Hatred, Sadness, Suffering, Heartbreak. Someone is saying, “Wait a minute! Haven’t you seen the news. Haven’t you seen the suffering of people all around you?” Yes, I have. But there is news that is better than what is on the cable, network or internet or what my I eyes have seen. It was announced in the heavens 2,000 years ago. The items on this list have been defeated by Jesus Christ. They will all come to an end. The good news is that Christ has come! He makes certain the promise that one day there will […]

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays is the sensitive, politically correct, caring greeting to offer from Thanksgiving Day until Happy Holiday Day. After Happy Holliday Day then it is fine form to actually say Happy New Year. No one seems to be offended at the prospect of celebrating parties, drunkenness and the fleeting hope that next year will be better than this year. Therefore, to offer a truly happy, non-offensive greeting all you have to do is to avoid the mention of anything that might possibly be a reference to Jesus Christ. But, then it is fair to ask why should anyone be happy if God and his Son are not the reason for being happy. During the holidays people eat too much, spend […]

Why be thankful?

Thanksgiving is the one day in the holiday season about which there is no ambiguity. Store clerks, news anchors, strangers, teachers, pastors, flight attendants, TV commercials, sales people, even government employees can say Happy Thanksgiving without fear of offending anyone. Most everyone can offer some reason to give thanks. For the moment, at least, thanksgiving is not offensive in our culture. But the question must be asked, why is “Happy Thanksgiving” not offensive? People are thankful for things, relationships, food, safety, etc. But the thanks stops there. As long as people are thankful for the gifts and not the giver there is no problem. However, if giving thanks were tied to God, the greeting would be deemed politically incorrect and […]

The Power of Thanksgiving

Think of it, fifty or so people, faced with overwhelming odds, with only the mercy of God to sustain them, helped to change the course of human history. 1623 William Bradford, at age 33, issued a proclamation of Thanksgiving for the remaining Pilgrims who had landed on Plymouth Rock. Because of winter storms their ship, the Mayflower, came ashore several hundred miles north of their planned destination. Half of the initial company that sailed from England died in the brutal first winter after their arrival. These Pilgrims endured because of a fierce desire to be free to worship the God of the Bible. They were a literal handful of people. Yet they survived, fueled by gratitude. Fifty people. Do you, […]

Nowhere to hide

It is easy to worship like we live. We become used to hiding from others what we are truly like. We smile with our lips but scorn with our hearts. We praise with our words, but doubt with our thoughts. We offer good will to all but harbor injustice in our spirit. Because we interact with flawed, imperfect humans we actually believe our charades are believable. But interacting with God is a totally different picture. God is completely perfect with no flaws. What works with people doesn’t work with God. Here is the clear reality that David embraced when he considered the person of God. Listen to David’s thoughts: I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light […]

What to tell your kids about ISIS

In one way or another your children are hearing about the growing threat from ISIS. The attack on Paris is all too real. They will have questions, concerns and fears that need to be addressed. You can be sure that not once in the national media will you hear that the Living God of the Bible be called upon for protection. So what do you tell your children? First tell them that just because God is not acknowledged by the media and others does not mean that he is powerless. All of these attacks by ISIS are unfolding as God has purposed.  You can also point out that as a country we have begun to act as if God does not […]

Heaven: God’s gift

It is the Gift which saves man from himself. The gift of heaven is a gift anticipated with trembling, but received with peace. It is a gift seldom planned for, but is given according to the most loving of plans. It is a gift that exposes our faith, but is given in faithfulness. It is a gift that we are tempted to exchange for the treasures of this life. It is a gift looked upon with doubt, but, once given, removes all doubt. It is a gift we wanted to avoid, but then embraced with gratitude. It is a gift painful to contemplate, but then radically, wonderfully heals. It is a gift dreaded by the foolish, but longed for by the […]

The holiday noise

The holiday season is a challenge. One event blurs into another: shopping, parties, dinners, list making, school plays, church festivities, decorations. And did I mention shopping? The ones who are affected the most by this hectic pace are the very ones the season is supposedly all about – your children. When things are busy, the questions and concerns of children often lose importance. They are admonished to be patient and quiet because there is a lot to do. So their questions blend into the background noise of the holidays. But children need to heard. They get caught up in the rush as well. Yes, it is supposed to be all for them, but they probably don’t realize that. Sin and […]

A moment of silence: a moment of futility

The leaders of the G20 nations met and observed a moment of silence regarding the terrorist attack in Paris. At the beginning of each of Sunday’s NFL games there was also a moment of silence for Paris. Tragically, the main purpose of a moment of silence is not to offend anyone who does not believe in Christianity. Everyone can feel included. However, nothing is accomplished except to ignore and offend the Lord of the Universe. It was not always so. In 1944, Franklin Roosevelt led the nation in prayer for the Allied Forces for success on D Day against the “unholy forces of our enemy.” He began the prayer by addressing Almighty God and ended the prayer by asking that […]