A Prayer for December

Christ All SufficientDear Father, it’s busy in my life. Crowds are everywhere. My heart is busy, too many gifts, not enough money, not enough time. This month is supposed to be about Jesus. But even at church I feel more busy than thankful for his birth. There are people to see, events to attend. All of this is supposed to be about Jesus, but it feels more and more like it’s all about me. Jesus came to bring peace, but my life is full of stress. It’s too busy in my life.

Father, please fill my heart with the wonder of your mercy. I ask for your Spirit’s comfort to know that in your Son I have all that I need. Overwhelm me with awe of the beauty of the Advent. I plead for the power of your Son instead of frustration with my weakness. It’s busy in my heart. Forgive me for not being blown away by you.

Replace the futility of being busy with the peace of doing what you want. Life is not measured by the pile presents under a tree. Grant me the humility to see that the most precious gifts that I give to my family cannot be wrapped with paper and bows.

Most of all, I pray for the peace of Christ to live in my heart. I pray that I would know a deep joy that is not rooted in things. Give me the courage to live out your truth “that life and circumstances will not produce truly biblical joy and praise. This will happen only as the Spirit operates within me to produce his fruit and obedience as it is found in your Bible.”

Help me to see my problem is not the busyness of the season. May the word of Christ dwell richly within me. Cause me to invest in treasures that will last into eternity. May the wonder of Christ capture my heart. In his precious name, Amen.

Based on Colossians 3:15-17

Shepherd Press