Appreciation for The Home Team, by Clint Archer

The Home Team

Here is an excerpt from a review of the recent title by Shepherd Press, The Home Team.

“Author Clint Archer definitely likes sports and so there are a great many sport-like analogies and stories told to communicate his key points. If you are not a “sports person” don’t fret; I am not a sports fan and I had no troubles whatsoever with his stories. I never felt like he was “going off” about a game but skillfully used games and certain athlete’s performances to teach how each family member ought to act to benefit the whole unit. His sports analogies/stories were short, to the point, and directly applied to the information that he was trying to pass along. Absolutely do not let the idea that this is a book about sports turn you off. By the later half of the book, he rarely mentions sports at all!

The Home Team: God’s Game Plan for the Family is meant to be used as a tool to reformat the family, if you will, into a unit instead of a diverse group of people who just happen to live in the same household for a time.In other words, he isn’t giving you a How To. He merely intends to lead the family to the Bible to learn what it is that God said the family was supposed to be. Then, by God’s grace and gift of wisdom, you need to make personal decisions for your own family which possess the ultimate goal of following God and bringing glory to His name. There is no checklist because we aren’t cookie cutter humans. Our families cannot look the same.

Ultimately, the purpose of Archer’s book is to remind us all of our families’ goals and purpose in life. That is? To bring glory to the Lord. If we operate by God’s “play book” then we will find life more easily enjoyable but not completely devoid of trials either. Focusing our eyes on the Lord and seeking His wisdom is certainly in our best interest and the end result is something to look forward to instead of dread.”

You can read the entire review here.

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