Are Your Kids Going to Heaven?

This is a question that is asked by every Christian parent. If we look to human confirmation for the answer, life will quickly become a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. The only answer that can truly satisfy is to realize that the eternal destiny of our children is tied to  the faithfulness of God. God alone does what is right and good.


As much as we may want to, we cannot will our children to know God. Ultimately the  hearts of our children can only be reached by the grace of God. They cannot earn their way to heaven. Our children, like us, began life as God’s enemies. (Ephesians 2:1-3) But God is rich in mercy. He makes his enemies alive according to his grace.


What that means for us as parents is at least three things:


First, we must pray for our children. Pray that the grace of God would overwhelm our children so that they see that Jesus Christ is their only hope.


Second, with great compassion and love, we must courageously and meekly present the gospel to our children in how we live and speak to them. Loving compassion directed by the sword of God’s Spirit is perhaps the most underused weapon in our mission to shepherd the hearts of our children towards Christ.


Third, live your life as if you believe nothing else matters except adding to the reputation of the God who has rescued you from your sin. Your credibility as a Christian and as a parent is tied to your pursuit of God. Jesus says no one can serve two masters. No one has a better view of how real your love for Christ is than your children. You must live as one who has been rescued by the grace of God. Don’t be driven by your own aspirations, pride, grudges, idols, lusts, or by human praise.


To be sure there is more that must be said. However, I am confident that we must start with these three basic concerns.  God commands to live as those who owe everything we have to his grace.  May we then extend that grace to our children. Then, we can be confident of God’s faithfulness. What is impossible with us is possible with him. So, to rephrase the question – will God be faithful to you and your children according to his goodness? The answer is yes! To trust this answer requires faith. We don’t know what he will do, but we do know that whatever he does, there is nothing better.




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