Avoiding the Trap Of Social Media

Get Wisdom!It is easy to get drawn into the negative side of social media. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some positive guidelines to avoid the negatives and thus benefit from your use of social media.

Social media is like the rest of life, exercising wisdom is always essential.

When you post:
use good judgment,
use biblical restraint,
do avoid gossip,
do speak only what is good and building,
do show genuine care for others,
remember many people you don’t know may read your words,
and do have courage to speak truth.

When you view or respond to posts:
be patient,
show love not irritation,
show kindness, don’t bully or mock,
determine not to be judgmental,
and move on quickly from unhelpful or tempting material.

Following these parameters social media can be a good tool for communicating thoughts, photos, encouragement and your love for God’s word to many more folks than you normally would.


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