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These words are your life

Posted on July 18, 2008 · Posted in Godward Orientation

They are not just idle words for you—they are your life. By them you will live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess.— Deuteronomy 32:47 How can you make the Bible real to your children? This is a question many Christian parents ponder. But there is another question that is more important – How do you make the Bible real to yourself?

Half Way Mark

Posted on July 15, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

Even though summer is officially less than a month old, July 15th is really the halfway point of the season. In less than six weeks the school year will be upon us.  A lot is coming up in the next few months – the Olympics in China, the presidential campaign, and, of course, the new school year. I want to say thank you again for your participation in the Shepherd Press Blog. Your comments, typified by ones like Michelle and Kristy, are an encouragement. If you have an area of.. read more

Protected From the Heart

Posted on July 10, 2008 · Posted in Godward Orientation, Parenting, Sleep, Teenagers

How can a young man keep his way pure?   By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart;   do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart   that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:9-11 Our children need to be protected by God’s word when they sleep. We know this, at least in part, because Scripture promises it will offer protection while one is sleeping. By implication, those who do not seek the protection the.. read more

Protected Sleep

Posted on July 8, 2008 · Posted in Sleep, Teenagers

When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you. Proverbs 6:22 On average we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Sleep refreshes our bodies. A good friend of mine, a pediatrician, tells me that when we sleep our metabolism slows down so the maintenance functions of the body can be accomplished. Cell and tissue repair occur during this down time, rather than when the body is active and needing energy to do other things. Sleep is.. read more

Your sleep will be sweet

Posted on July 7, 2008 · Posted in Sleep

My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment,   do not let them out of your sight;   they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck. Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble; when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:21-24   Let’s review  this prayer for going to sleep.  


Posted on July 6, 2008 · Posted in Test

this is a test

Mini-Post: July 4th & Your Children

Posted on July 4, 2008 · Posted in Worldview

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. I Timothy 2:1-4 The Fourth of July is a combination many things – cookouts, fireworks, concerts, memorials to fallen.. read more

A prayer at night on going to sleep

Posted on July 1, 2008 · Posted in Fear of the Lord, Godward Orientation, Sleep

I lie down and sleep;        I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. Psalm 3:5 O Lord God, who has given man the night for rest, as you have created a day in which he may employ himself in labor, grant, I pray, that my body may so rest during this night that my mind cease not to be awake to you, nor my heart faint or be overcome with apathy, preventing it from adhering steadfastly to the love of you. While laying aside my cares to.. read more

It’s Not Natural – part 2

Posted on June 30, 2008 · Posted in Communication, Gospel, Parenting, Toddlers

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Ephesians 6:1 It seems that there is actually one more post in this series of communicating the Gospel to your children. Heather, one of our readers, raised an important question about the last post. Here is her comment: You mention that "Heather has been given only one option." Is it ever appropriate to offer a choice? For instance, "Honey, you can either give the train to your brother and find another toy, or you can play with the train.. read more

It’s Not Natural

Posted on June 26, 2008 · Posted in Authority, Communication, Discipline, Gospel, Toddlers

For wisdom will enter your heart,   and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. Proverbs 2:10 The wise in heart are called discerning,   and pleasant words promote instruction. Proverbs 16:21 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother—which is the first commandment with a promise— that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth. Ephesians 6:1-3 This is the final post in this series about pleasant words and communicating the Gospel. I.. read more

Communicating the Gospel: God’s goodness to your young children

Posted on June 24, 2008 · Posted in Authority, Communication, Gospel, Parenting

The wise in heart are called discerning, and pleasant words promote instruction.  — Proverbs 16:21 For wisdom will enter your heart,  and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. —Proverbs 2:10 If you have been following this series of posts on communicating the Gospel to your children, you will recall that we started the practical application by looking at teenagers and then working backwards. Now we are at the age of young children and toddlers, ages 0 to 5. How do you communicate the goodness of God to these little.. read more

Communicating the Gospel, God’s Goodness to your school age children

Posted on June 20, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

The wise in heart are called discerning,               and pleasant words promote instruction. Proverbs 16:21 In Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp identifies three age ranges in children.  The first is from infancy to childhood (ages 0 to 5), next is childhood (from ages 5 to 12), and then the teenage years. There are, of course, significant differences within these ranges. A 9-month-old is different than a 5-year–old, and a 13-year-old is different than a 19-year-old. Yet these categories of ages are helpful. Each range marks.. read more

Perspective – Talking to Your Children about the Midwest Floods

Posted on June 18, 2008 · Posted in Current Events, Shaping Influences, Worldview

Your path led through the sea,   your way through the mighty waters,   though your footprints were not seen. Psalm 77:19 Last month I did a series of posts about the Asian floods and earthquakes and how the news media reported these events. Because these events happened on the other side of the world, they may not have seemed to be of immediate concern. It’s too bad, but life goes on. But now floods have come to the Midwest, the heartland of America. Many readers of this blog live.. read more

Communicating the Gospel, God’s Goodness to your Teenagers

Posted on June 17, 2008 · Posted in Communication, Parenting, Teenagers

The wise in heart are called discerning,   and pleasant words promote instruction. Proverbs 16:21 If the wisdom of God has entered your heart then you can say that God has been good to you. This pleasantness of heart should result in pleasant words from your mouth. What do I mean by pleasant words? I’m not talking about careful, manipulative words that play polite “control” games with others. No, pleasant words should illustrate the genuine joy and pleasure that results from experiencing the power of the Gospel in your life… read more

Communicating God’s Goodness to Your Kids

Posted on June 14, 2008 · Posted in Communication, Parenting, Proverbs

10 For wisdom will enter your heart,   and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.  Proverbs 2:10 Psalm 13 is a tender reminder that God has been good to us. As parents, we long for our children to know his goodness firsthand. How does that happen? This, of course, is the big question—but the starting point is less complicated than you might think. Allow me to ask a question from Psalm 13. Do you believe that God has been good to you?

He has been good

Posted on June 12, 2008 · Posted in Shaping Influences

I will sing to the LORD, for he has been good to me.  —Psalm 13:6 Summer officially arrives 10 days from now. As the sun begins its six-month march southward amid days that relentlessly shorten, it seems that summer will be almost over before it even began. My wife and I used to look forward to summer as a time to get things done. We would plan ambitious projects for ourselves and our 5 children. Then, before we knew it, the leaves began to turn, signaling the approach of fall… read more

Fairness and Jesus Christ

Posted on June 10, 2008 · Posted in Culture, Godward Orientation, Parenting

…just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.  Matthew 20:28 Fairness is an unchallenged Goliath in the army of humanism. The modern days soldiers of humanism see the “fair” treatment of humans as an inalienable right of individuals, to the exclusion of the old notion that there is a God to whom man is accountable. The Humanist Manifesto mockingly scorns such notions. (See the Humanist Manifesto.) John Dewey and other important educational thinkers.. read more

It’s Not Fair – part two

Posted on June 7, 2008 · Posted in Godward Orientation, Parenting

So the last will be first, and the first will be last.  Matthew 20:16 The modern concept of fairness is rooted in achieving justice. Biblically, however, both fairness and justice must be defined as doing things God’s way. From a Christian perspective, the only way to be fair is to apply God’s word accurately to a given situation. Is this the same thing as making sure each child gets the same number of minutes to play with a toy, or making sure that each child has the same number of.. read more

It’s Not Fair – part one

Posted on June 5, 2008 · Posted in Godward Orientation, Parenting, Worldview

So the last will be first, and the first will be last. Matthew 20:16 In a recent post I identified fairness as a Goliath of humanism. The Goliath metaphor represents an idea or a practice so culturally accepted that it becomes a champion of conventional wisdom, even while standing in opposition to the truth of Scripture. So this metaphor represents concepts that are seemingly unchallengeable. There are several such modern day champions which challenge biblical truth. Humanism is the modern source of these champions, though the issues they represent are.. read more

A Three Pronged Response

Posted on June 2, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2 Lisa posted this comment last week. Her concern is an important one. I am confident that many can identify with this comment. How does one balance caring deeply about God’s reputation through trying to raise godly children who glorify Him and still loving those who profess Christ yet bring shame to Him with the worldly, disrespectful, defiant heart issues they allow in their children? We feel called to homeschool our two daughters and shelter them.. read more