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The Unexpected Blessing of Criticism

Proverbs has some profound things to say about receiving criticism.  Solomon warns against living for the praise of others. Learning to wisely receive criticism is a life skill that will serve you and your children well. This skill offers protection from everything to falling prey to sexual temptations or from making poor business decisions. For example, a little boy who craves praise may well grow into a husband who will be angry and disappointed when he is not constantly praised. He can easily be prone to self-pity. This can lead to a man who will be withdrawn, sullen, or even abusive.  Similarly, a young woman who lives for the praise of others becomes a target for those who would take […]

Fantasy: the trap of the social media

Notice Solomon’s wording of Proverbs 12:11. One person pursues a productive path of working his land while another pursues fantasies. He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment. Proverbs 12:11 Social media offers the endless pursuit of the things that are not productive, or in the meaning of this Proverb, fantasies. It can be as obvious as spending hours and hours perusing posts, tweets and home pages. Or your pursuit can be about the being involved in arguments and causes which, while interesting, are ultimately, not productive, i.e. fantasies. The world of the social media makes it easy to ignore the reality of God. Remember, the fool has said in his heart […]

It’s Just Facebook

There is a tendency to follow the world’s lead and see life as a mixture of the profound and the mundane – to contrast the exciting, meaningful, fun parts of life with the normal, dull, daily grind parts of life. For many this would be the contrast between chilling and hanging out and doing something that really matters. Facebook would fall into the hanging out category.  It’s no big deal, just something to do when there is nothing to do. With the advent of high speed phone networks, you can update your Facebook status anytime using your mobile phone. Tweeting can happen anywhere. So, while you are standing in line at the store, you can let the rest of civilization […]