Childish or Sinful

One of our readers posed a thought-provoking question that I want to consider with you.

One of your children is playing outside. He trips over a stone and falls down into the mud.  You rush over to him and help him up. You take him inside, clean him up and make sure there are no injuries.  Even after everything is all taken care of you notice that he is reserved and unsettled.  You ask him what the problem is and he says, “Nothing.”  A little later on, his brother comes to you and says, “Mommy I know why he didn’t say anything to you—he thought that you would be mad at him for making a mess.”  You are deeply puzzled. Being mad was the last thing on your mind. You begin to think about it. Why would he think I would be mad…

This is the scenario that our reader posed.  Give this one some thought. I will have a response in the next post. As parents we should be giving careful consideration to our actions and their impact.

These kinds of questions and observations are always welcomed. Thanks very much to our reader for suggesting this topic.

After this, I will be doing a series of posts on bullying. Please be in prayer for that and let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic.

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