Crisis Prevention 2008 – part two

As Tedd Tripp points out, too often problems arise when behavioral issues are not addressed at the source. When parents evaluate the challenges of child-rearing by looking only at behavior they find themselves in catch-up mode. Eventually, a full-blown crisis will emerge because symptoms and not root causes were addressed. Shepherding a Child’s Heart redirected the thoughts of parents to the significance of the role of the heart in training children. In one sense, this book is about understanding the impact of one verse of Scripture – Proverbs 4:23:

Above all else, guard your heart,
it is the wellspring of life.

Parents, the most important step you can follow in leading your children is to
understand the difference between only addressing behavior and biblically
reaching out to the heart. Fixing
behavior will eventually lead to a crisis, either in the short-term or in the
months and years to come. Addressing the heart will turn potential crises into opportunities
for growth and true spiritual change.

Shepherd Press offers books that will help you address the issues of the
heart and the crucial role of the gospel in your parenting. In coming days we will post practical examples
of what this looks like. These examples flow from the principles and teaching
found in the books we publish. Below is a brief introduction to some of these

Shepherding a Child’s Heart – by Tedd Tripp


Perhaps the foundational book on child rearing of our generation. 


Don’t Make Me Count to Three – by Ginger Plowman


Warmly written from a mom’s point of view, this book provides biblical
insight about reaching the heart of your child.


Herein is Love Commentary Series – by Nancy Ganz


This series is deserving of a separate post which will be forthcoming. If
parents are going to address the heart having regular family worship and bible
study directed to children is essential. These commentaries fit this need.


Everyday Talk – by John Younts


Learn how to make conversations about God a natural part of your everyday


Why not take a moment to comment on how these books have made a difference
in your life. Keep checking back for examples and other resources to help avoid
behavioral crises in 2008!



Shepherd Press